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Welcome to the County Advisory Board

Adding Friendliness to Local Business

There are 3,000 counties in the United States and each are home to a wide array of businesses, groups, associations and people that  serve different niche markets in the region. Business communities across the United States are often grouped by the counties they serve.

Many small businesses are owned locally and employ local people. Small businesses are the backbone of the local economic environment and the foundation of the US economy.

With our Spotlights, we’re adding a bit of friendliness to the small business community. We can all use an “atta boy”, pat on the back or a few kind words letting us know that the hard work we do is helpful to others.

The County Advisory Board promotes involvement in local chambers, Little League, networking groups, business associations, fantasy football clubs, the Girl Scouts and every other sane opportunity for businesses, groups, associations and individuals.



We are not part of the any county government agency, your Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or other social organizations, but strongly suggest that all businesses join their local Chamber and/or other various business organizations.

Local Search Force founded and operates the County Advertising Board. And yes, we hope that some participants or visitors may inquire about using our awesome internet marketing and website design services.

New to the area? Looking for a means to get involved? Interested in meeting others that have a bent towards involvement and activities? If any of these are you… you are invited to participate in the County Advisory Board. We’re rounding up the people and businesses in counties across America that are doing good work and we’re helping to make those good works known.

Why participate in the County Advisory Board?

  • Focused on promoting good news, not a complaint resolution center
  • Features the business people and the good works of their businesses
  • Validates the risks small business people accept
  • Recognizes businesses for employing individuals and adding to the local economies
  • Consumers can easily find the good news on a business, not just the not so good.