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Congratulations Top Gun Art Popvych

and to the team at Bathtub Refinishing HQ!


Art Popovych, you and your company are hereby recognized as a Top Gun Cook County tub reglazing and refinishing company by the County Advisory Board.

Top Guns are recognized as someone whose skills and services go above and beyond the call of duty to make their local communities and counties a better place to call home.

Art is the owner of Bathtub Refinishing HQ, a full-service tub reglazing company located in Cook County.  

Art is a professional, and has become a leader in the bathtub reglazing and refinishing industry, having started his business over 8 years ago. Bathtub Refinishing HQ provides it’s customers with high-quality, reliable, and affordable products and services. They use industry leading products that are non-toxic, almost entirely odorless and have proven to stand the test of time. Bathtub Refinishing HQ also services both commercial and residential properties, so they are able to meet all of your potential needs.

The cities, towns and communities of Cook County are expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. Business owners, like Art, are responsible for their business success, staff and customer satisfaction..

These individuals, like Art Popovych and their businesses, are the foundation of a stable economy.   Bathtub Refinishing HQ

Local Search Force, owners of the County Advisory Board, encourages consumers to shop local whenever possible! Looking for a tub reglazing or refinishing company? Please give Bathtub Refinishing HQ an opportunity to win your business.


Bathtub Refinishing HQ is accepting new customers. You can find them online at www.chicagoreglazing.com or call them at (312) 940-4989 .

Art Popvych, you are admired for your entrepreneurship and highly commended for owning and operating a business that adds financial well-being and stability to Cook County.


 Well Done Top Gun Art Popvych!


The World Can Use More Good News!




If you are or know a business owner that wants to expand and would like to be spotlighted, find out if you and your business qualify by contacting Local Search Force at 727.888.5358 or visit us on the web by clicking HERE