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Congratulations to Jon and Louisa “Doo” Shawkey for winning the Creating Pinellas Award!

The cities, towns and communities of Pinellas County are stabilized and expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. These individuals and their businesses are the foundation of Pinellas County and are admired and commended for what they provide to others.

Jon and Louisa “Doo” Shawkey are the owners and operators of Doo’s Amazing Tours, employing a staff of local people and they are based out of St. Petersbb2ap3_thumbnail_doosadventures.pngurg, Florida. Whether you want to scope out downtown St. Petersburgh in shorts and a tee, escape to the mangroves in a kayak, or get some sun in the water on a paddle board, Doo’s offers guided tours for each.

Friendliness, great service, affordability, and fun people distinguish Doo’s as everything from a family friendly activity to a corporate team building event. Besides the entertainment value, Doo’s provides a slice of education. For example, while riding your Segway, you’ll wear an earpiece and get fun facts and history about the area, while kayaking, you’ll learn about the eco system, etc.

This type of business is what people consider when making vacation decisions. Perhaps they won’t kayak the mangroves, but given the opportunity might be the tipping point on landing in St. Petersburg over other possible destinations. Their business is helping other businesses in the community by enhancing tourism opportunities.


Jon and Doo are leading the way with their social contributions. They support the Gala (Theater in the Park), Autism Walks, All Children’s Hospital, local schools, local fire departments and the Great Exploration (children’s museum).

Support those that are making a difference in Pinellas – support Jon and Doo Shawkey by giving Doo’s Amazing Tours an opportunity to win your business.

 CLICK HERE to visit  them on the web, or buzz them at 727.642.5133

Jon and Doo’s actions are admired and they are highly commended.