Congratulations Top Guns Ellyn Nicodem,

Jon Hoekema and to the team at

Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac!


Ellyn and Jon, you and your company are hereby recognized as a Top Gun Dupage County Sewing and Vacuum company by the County Advisory Board.

Top Guns are recognized as people whose skills and services go above and beyond the call of duty to make their local communities and counties a better place to call home.

Ellyn and Jon are the owners of Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac Inc. located in Downers Grove. They specialize in sales and repair for sewing machines and vacuums of most makes and models.

Ellyn is a professional who has been sewing her whole life. In 2012, there came a pivotal moment when Ellyn could retire from the corporate world, or strive to create something new. She decided to begin a new story, and with her friend Jon, opened Friendly Stitches so that they could bring the joys of sewing and embroidery to other people. Since then, they have become leaders in the sales, repair and sewing events industry. 

Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac provides its customers with high-quality, reliable, and affordable products and services. Stop by and see their incredible selection of the newest technology in sewing, quilting, embroidery, as well as vacuums. The team at Friendly Stitches are knowledgeable and attentive; they will help guide you to finding the exact right machine for you. If you are already a machine owner or want to be one, be sure to attend one of their famous sewing and embroidery classes.

The cities, towns and communities of Dupage County are expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. Business owners, like Ellyn and Jon, are responsible for their business success, staff and customer satisfaction. 

These individuals, like Ellyn and Jon, and their businesses, are the foundation of a stable community. For example: the Friendly Stitches team stepped up early in 2020 when Covid-19 had hit our country and people were scrambling to find help and solutions. After careful coordination and planning, Ellyn, Jon and their amazing staff helped to get sewing machines running and operating in force, creating many of the first masks that anyone could get access to in volume… Well Done!

Local Search Force, owners of the County Advisory Board, encourages consumers to shop local whenever possible! Considering a new sewing machine, vacuum, or repairs? Ever wanted to get into sewing and embroidery and didn’t know where to start? Please give Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac an opportunity to win your business.

Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac Inc.Friendly Stitches Sew & Vac Inc. is accepting new customers. You can find them online at or call them at 630.541.8388.

Ellyn Nicodem and Jon Hoekema you are admired for your entrepreneurship and highly commended for owning and operating a business that adds financial well-being and stability to Dupage County.


 Well Done Top Gun Ellyn Nicodem and

Jon Hoekema!


The World Can Use More Good News!




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