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Frank and partner Bill Jennings are the owners and operators of Venue 142 & Byte Bistro, headquartered in Deland, Volusia County, Florida. Venue 142 & Byte Bistro offers familiar American fare with a twist.

When it comes to being a restaurateur, hosting people for meals who will be spending their hard earned money, nothing takes the place of experience. For over 25 years, the owners of Byte Bistro have brought DeLand fresh dishes and exceptional service all while served amongst casual modern décor.

Frank Jennings entered the trade at the early age of nineteen and has worked in full service restaurants, catering and food trucks.

Frank Jennings takes pride in Venue 142 & Byte Bistro, where they offer many high quality menu items to pair with great drinks. Their unique menu features many delicious modern tapas, or appetizers, along with a plethora of dishes you will love! Whether you’re looking for comfort food, outdoor seating or a refreshing cocktail, Byte Bistro has it all.

For over 25 years, the owners of Byte Bistro have brought DeLand great food, great service, and are happy to offer their customers nothing but high quality and service that will please you and your family/friends!

The result, one of the most successful restaurants in Deland, winning Best BBQ, Best Catering and Best Happy Hour awards.

So what do their customers think?

 Katie publically wrote, “Had the most amazing consultation. The food and wedding planners were amazing. They knew exactly what I wanted. BOOKED FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!”

Monica publically wrote, “Really great people. Seriously sweet and accommodating. They bring a ton of experience and expertise. The location is perfect. Every idea and suggestion made has been as if they’re reading our minds.“

Having owner operated experts, like Frank Jennings, providing quality food and a nice environment for an exceptional meal experience, is an asset to Deland and Volusia County, Florida.

Business owners take risks and often work long, exhaustive hours to service their clients. There are freedoms in owning a business, but these freedoms come at a cost. Rarely acknowledged are business owners like Frank Jennings that employ people, accepting accountability ensuring their staff are paid continuously. Sure, people earn their wages through their time, hard work and skills, but let’s take a moment and thank Frank Jennings for having and continuing the business ownership game that allows people an opportunity to produce and earn those wages.

Ready for a quality dining experience? Give Venue 142 & Byte Bistro an opportunity by stopping in at 145 N Woodland Blvd, located in downtown Deland or check out  Venue 142 & Byte Bistro online by CLICKING HERE.


Frank Jennings has participated in and helped with the Greater Chamber of Commerce and the Elks Lodge. He has also donated to Children’s Cancer Charities.


So from the staff of Local Search Force that runs the County Advisory Board…


Frank Jennings , you are highly commended for your service to the residents of Volusia County, for having and maintaining a business that adds to the financial well-being of the community, and for your willingness to participate in social betterment activities.


Well done Frank Jennings!


The world can use more good news!

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