Congratulations Top Gun Gary Glenn

and to the team at StitchMine Custom Embroidery!


Gary Glenn, you and your company are hereby recognized as a Top Gun Cook County embroidery service company by the County Advisory Board.

Top Guns are recognized as someone whose skills and services go above and beyond the call of duty to make their local communities and counties a better place to call home.

Gary founded StitchMine Custom Embroidery, a full service embroidery company, in 2004. Besides custom embroidery, StichMine also crafts high quality screen printed shirts, twill uniforms, dye sublimation, and more. They work with a variety of clientele ranging from small orders to larger brands such as GM and WeatherTech. Gary, and his amazing dog Drake, are the sole provider of custom embroidery for the American Kennel Club.

Gary is a professional coming up on 2 decades of experience making him a titan in the embroidery service industry. Gary holds himself and his business to the highest standard only working with quality products to produce the best. When asked what aspects of the business he cares for the most, his response was “My employees. One of my managers Nicole has been with me 10 plus years, and I couldn’t do what I do without her or the rest of my incredibly hardworking team. I really appreciate them.”  StitchMine Custom Embroidery prides itself with having great customer service. They are more than willing to work with various types of budgets.

The cities, towns and communities of Cook County are expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. Business owners, like Gary , are responsible for their business success, staff and customer satisfaction. You’ll know you’ve received a StitchMine product when you open the box to find your new material clean, steamed , and retail folded. One of the many things that sets StichMine Custom Embroidery apart from the competition.

There’s no doubt that individuals like Gary Glenn and their businesses are the backbone of America.StitchMine Custom Embroidery

Local Search Force, owners of the County Advisory Board, encourages consumers to shop local whenever possible! Looking for a embroidery service company? It would be wise to give StitchMine Custom Embroidery an opportunity to win your business.


StitchMine Custom Embroidery is always accepting new customers. You can find them online at or call them at 1(847)-701-5964.

Gary Glenn, you are admired and appreciated for your entrepreneurship and highly commended for owning and operating a business that adds financial well-being and stability to Cook County.


 Well Done Top Gun Gary Glenn!


The World Can Use More Good News!




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