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Kurtis Kintzel is a big think, passionate, productive, competitive and competent executive.

Kurtis KintzelAfter getting a business degree from Indiana University, he worked for an auto insurance brokerage, became the top producer and then promoted to VP of Sales. During his tenure, he built the sales staff up to 100+ people and production went to 800+ new customers weekly using radio, television and referrals to generate business.

In 1992, Mr. Kintzel started and built a telephone company that produced 2,000+ new customers per week. I sold the assets of the firm in 2006.

Currently, Kurtis co-owns with his brother, an adverting agency that has procured and produced over 10,000 marketing projects. The firm’s name is Buzzazz and its located in Clearwater, FL. Last spring, they rebranded

a segment of the company calling it Local Search Force. It specializes in helping businesses get found online and is developing its foundation in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.


  • Over 2000 baseball games coached – never ejected from a game; 
  • Travel Baseball World Series Champion Coach;
  • Babe Ruth Softball State Champion Coach;
  • Founder of BombSquad, a company hosting baseball tournaments;
  • Founder and owner of the Baseball Coaches Association, an online portal providing drills, recruiting help, etc. to baseball coaches;
  • 5 former players drafted into Major League Baseball;
  • 14 Former players received D1 scholarships;
  • Created & coached a team, Indiana Buzz, that was elected into American Youth Baseball’s Hall of Fame;
  • Coached high school baseball for years;
  • Created a fund raiser that has donated over $50,000 cash to high school baseball organizations;
  • Created a high school farm system – a youth travel baseball organization;
  • Has organized, hosted, and run summer & winter youth baseball camps;
  • Has done private hitting, pitching and defensive lessons.

In coaching travel ball, Kurtis Kintzel’s teams sought out the best teams in the United States and they traveled to 25 different states:

·       California


·       Alabama

·       Ohio

·       S. Carolina

·       Wisconsin

·       New York


·       Nebraska

·       Michigan

·       N. Carolina

·       Missouri

·       Florida


·       Oklahoma

·       Tennessee

·       Delaware

·       IN Statewide

·       Nevada


·       Kansas

·       Kentucky

·       Illinois

·       Iowa

At these tournaments, we also played teams from Texas, Hawaii, New Jersey, Georgia, Massachusetts, Arizona, etc.






In coaching, expanding the horizons of the players is helpful. Having life experiences to draw from is important and very beneficial.

Mr. Kintzel’s adventures outside of business and baseball have included skiing the Swiss Alps, surfing the North Shore of Oahu, rock climbing at Joshua Tree, being a Chicago Cubs fan, parachuting in Arizona, salmon fishing in Alaska, scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands, private piloting, Broadway type plays in London, New York and Sydney, and many others.

Philanthropically, he’s donated his fair share to not-for profit organizations and is currently supporting the Drug Free World and Youth for Human Rights campaigns:


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