Mr. Marks Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration is located in Roseville, Michigan. Mark began his training, by attending a career prep high school and then continued it at a local community college. in addition, pairing that knowledge with hands on experience and an acute attention to detail; has made him the go to expert for Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration

Some of the services Mr. Marks Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration provides include: New HVAC Equipment, Installation, Maintenance and Repair, New Refrigeration Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Ventilation Maintenance and Repair, Furnace and Heat Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Electrical Installation and Repair for New Builds and Remodels. All services available for Residential and Commercial Clients.

When it comes to providing expert HVAC and Refrigeration services, nothing takes the place of experience. Mark began working in HVAC and Refrigeration almost 50 years ago and started Mr. Marks Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration in 1976.

One of Mr. Marks Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration’s goals is to provide their Macomb County clients with professional, high quality and affordable services. People often choose Mr. Marks Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration for HVAC and Refrigeration because, they have earned the reputation for being a trustworthy and transparent company. Each client’s project is approached specific to the client’s goals and budget. Solutions and options are then recommended by a Certified Professional. Mark has a vast knowledge and comprehension of different systems, which allows him the ability to make sure yours is performing; at its optimal standards. This in return means more longevity, as well as making sure that your system remains as cost effective as intended.

What do their customers think? Kenneth K – “He arrived quickly on the coldest day of the winter and repaired it quickly and was very reasonable and honest. Seen many scammers out there, but he made me feel comfortable. Would rather use an independent contractor, then a money hungry company any day…. Thanks Mark””

Sarah G – “Installed my air conditioner and my fixed my furnace quickly! Called in the morning and by the afternoon my furnace was fixed! Great customer service.”

Need HVAC or Refrigeration service? Give Mr. Marks Heating,Cooling and Refrigeration an opportunity by calling 586-354-3967. In addition, reach out to him on his website at