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Congratulations to Greg Mohammed and Jay Mohammed for winning the Creating Pinellas Award!

The cities, towns and communities of Pinellas County are stabilized and expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. These individuals and their businesses are the foundation of Pinellas County and are admired and commended for what they provide to others.

b2ap3_thumbnail_DunedinRestaurants.pngGreg and Jay Mohammed are the owners and operators of Our Place, a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant located in Dunedin, Florida. They employ a local staff that not only service the customers, but add to the local economy.

They’ve created a friendly and fun environment offering great tasting food and affordable prices. When you come to this family run restaurant, you become part of their family, at least that’s how they treat you. (No, you don’t have to do the dishes).

Greg and Jay have supported Dunedin High School (wrestling team, band, etc.) and are members of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce. They are actively contributing to social and economic welfare of Pinellas County!

Support those that are making a difference in Pinellas – support Greg and Jay Mohammed by giving Our Place an opportunity to win your business.

 CLICK HERE to visit  them on the web, call 727.239.7886, or eat at  336 Main Street, Dunedin canada goose parka damen canada goose parka damen