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Congratulations to Robb Larson and Lisa Colburn for winning the Creating Pinellas Award!

The cities, towns and communities of Pinellas County are stabilized and expanded by commerce. Some individuals leap into entrepreneurship taking on risks, working long hours, and adding their creativity. These individuals and their businesses are the foundation of Pinellas County and are admired and commended for what they provide to others.

Robb and Lisa are the owners and operators of Hifi Homebrew and BBQ Supplies, headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. The mission of their firm is to revolutionize homebrewing and BBQ. These two spices of life go hand-in-hand for those that truly enjoy life, enjoy having fun, and like to add their own personality to the adventures groups can have.

Hailing from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, these entrepreneurs have studied and practiced their craft and are now two of the leading authority figures in their industry. Robb is helping to educate the local region through an enterprise called the Tampa Bay Beer Syndicate and Lisa founded the Bay Area Barley Angels, where she educates women on the adventures of being a brewmaster.

Creating a business is one thing, these two are creating an industry catering to the social side of life and they are doing it in Pinellas, County. With a dedicated staff and big ambitions, these guys are giving a face-lift to the usual back yard bar-b-ques, camping, and even having friends over for a fun evening.

Support those that are making a difference in Pinellas – support Robb Larson and Lisa Colburn of Hifi Homebrew and BBQ Supplies by giving them an opportunity to win your business.

 CLICK HERE to visit  them on the web, or buzz them at 727.240.0804 


Robb and Lisa’s actions are admired and they are highly commended. 

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