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Bob StwalleyBob and Carol Stwalley are the owners and operators of Stwalley and stawlley Engineering. The firm is headquartered in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

The firm is expert in renewable energy as well as doing structural integrity reports for real estate transfer, in the same neighborhood as land or home inspections. The firm is experienced in agricultural engineering.

DrRobert (“Bob”) Stwalley received his bachelor’s degree in Power and Machinery from the Purdue University Agricultural & Biological Engineering department and his master’s and doctorate from Purdue Mechanical Engineering in Combustion and Computational Fluids. He is a registered Professional Engineer.

Mr. Stwalley is a professor at Purdue University. Here is what one of his student’s had to say, “DrBob is quite the guy. If you’re taking ABE 330 you will be prepped for capstone, NQA. Very thorough and cares about the students on a personal level. He does do stuff that makes you go “what the hell are you talking about” sometimes, but it keeps the class interesting.”

Dr. Carol S. Stwalley, P.E., PhD, received her bachelor’s degree in Food Process Engineering from the Purdue University carol stwalleyAgricultural & Biological Engineering department and her master’s and doctorate from Purdue ABE in Applied Processes and Aquacultural Systems. She is a registered Professional Engineer. In addition to her duties for the Purdue University Minority Engineering program, Dr. Stwalley has led an active consulting and business life, managing the Stwalley’s various interests. Her professional specialties include: complex systems, mass and chemical pathway analysis, large data sets, statistical analysis, and technical communication.

When it comes to occupations, such as engineering, there is nothing that takes the place of experience. Bob and Carol have been in business for 35 years. Owner operated experts, like at Stwalley and Stwalley, are assets and a real benefit to the Central Indiana communities.

What aides their success? Being lean and mean allows them to personalize their service without bureaucracies often found at large firms. This creates an efficiency in getting projects completed and a cost savings to their customers.

Business owners take risks and often work long, exhaustive hours to service their clients. There are freedoms in owning a business, but these freedoms come at a cost. Rarely acknowledged are business owners that accept financial risks and obligations so let’s take a moment and thank Robert and Carol for having a business and continuing the business ownership game.

Have an engineering need within their area of expertise? Give Stwalley and Stwalley a buzz at (765) 742-7483.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Robert is on the School Board of Trustees, keeping education a priority for Hoosiers.

From the staff of Local Search Force that runs the County Advisory Board…

Dr. Robert and Dr. Carol Stwalley, you are highly commended for your service to Lafayette and  Tippecanoe County, for having and maintaining a business that adds to the financial well-being of the community, and for your participation in social benefit activities.

Very well done!

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