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Scott and Carol Wagen are the owners and operators of Metal Art Studio Fine Jewelry, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. The business opened its doors in 1990.

After Carol spent years as a marketing and PR executive and Scott spent years engineering and machining jewelry tools, Carol and Scott opened Metal Art Studio Fine Jewelry to service people living in Western Michigan and those that travel from other areas in search of the hand-made jewelry. Scott is the head jeweler

This studio features collections from jewelry designers around the world and in-house masters.

Art and fine jewelry alike put smiles on faces and often have a very positive effect on people.  Having owner operated experts, like Scott and Carol Wagen, providing unique and exceptional jewelry is a wonderful benefit to the Grand Rapids.

Business owners take risks and often work long, exhaustive hours to service their clients. There are freedoms in owning a business, but these freedoms come at a cost. Rarely acknowledged are business owners that accept financial risks and obligations so let’s take a moment and thank Scott and Carol for having a business and continuing the business ownership game. Their game provides others  an opportunity to demonstrate their invidual skills and reap the rewards of their productions.

The love of design and for people is Carol’s secret to success! Creating or finding the most artistic pieces to provide the people of Western Michigan along with getting the opportunity to interact with her prospective clients is the ideal scene for Carol’s occupation.

Scott and Carol are helping Grand Rapids by exposing the tremendous talent of its residents and providing a studio that combines hand-crafted art with jewelry. The jewelry, as Carol describes it, is “special, but not special occasion”.

Scott and Carol are passionate about having unique and appealing pieces, even traveling the United States searching out the best of the best while showcasing the local master jewelers.

With Scott’s background in creating jewelry tools, Metal Art Studio Fine Jewelry possess higher end technologies in the gem world so they can perform more restorations and repairs that other jewelers cannot.

Have a jewelry need, give Metal Art Studio Fine Jewelry a buzz at 616.459.5075 or check them out online by clicking HERE.

In addition to maintaining a destination jewelry studio, Scott and Carol Wagen support the Humane Society, even allowing pet owners to bring in their pets, and they support the Bike Coalition.

So from the staff of Local Search Force that runs the County Advisory Board…

Scott and Carol Wagen, you are highly commended for your service to Grand Rapids, for having and maintaining a business that adds to the financial well-being of the community, and for your willingness to support charitable causes.

Well done Scott and Carol Wagen!

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